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Winster Village Map
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For several years a group of people in Winster worked to produce a map of the village and its immediate surroundings, and the finished product was unveiled to the public on 14 September 2003.

The map has been very well received and is proving to be of interest to residents, visitors, walkers, tourists, estate agents, and trades-people.

Carolyn Ludlam at the Post Office is particularly pleased: 'Winster is a difficult place to find your way around. The village is full of lanes and footpaths, and most of the houses don't have numbers. At last I have something to give the tradesmen who keep calling to ask directions.'

The map is in colour, printed on both sides, with illustrations of selected features of interest in the margins. The illustrations are mainly historical, and include buildings, street scenes, mines, footpaths, and natural features.

On one side the village is shown as a diarama (viewed from above), and on the other there is a map of the wider area. The map opens to 430 x 735mm and folds to fit easily into a pocket.

The artwork used to make the map consists of a series of specially commissioned watercolours of local buildings and landmarks by the artist Andy Birkby.

Winster Village Map Group received a grant from the National Lottery 'Awards for All', which means that a free copy has been provided for every household in Winster.

Extra copies can be bought in the village for only £1 or by post from Winster Post Office, Main Street, Winster DE4 2DH for £1.50 (Tel. 01629 650668, cheques payable to "JRE").


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