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The Burton Institute
Winster's Village Hall
A village website
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Extended and refurbished in 1998, the hall offers attractive, high quality facilities.

You can download our current prices as an Acrobat File here.

Finding the Institute

Our address is: The Burton Institute, West Bank, Winster, Derbyshire DE4 2DQ (but don't write to us there, as the Institute doesn't have a letterbox. See contact details below).

The Plus Code is

Winster, UK

Here is the link for Google Maps

Main Hall

The Main Hall is on the first floor, accessible by lift and stairs. A fraction larger than a standard badminton court, the hall will seat 70-100 (depending upon layout), and is licensed for up to 150. There is a kitchen with industrial oven+hob, fridge, and microwave. Crockery and cutlery are provided.

We have a hifi system that will play CDs and tapes and two radio-microphones - all connectable to our Induction Loop. We have a demountable staging system, and a 12-lamp theatre lighting setup.

The hall is 5.8m wide. The length varies across its width: the minimum length is 12.1m

Jubilee Room

Our bright and attractive meeting room will seat up to about 20, depending upon layout. There is a kettle, sink, fridge, microwave, and basic crockery. There is a large wall-mounted flat-screen TV which can be used for presentations by connecting an HDMI cable from a laptop.

The Morgue

No longer justifying its somewhat morbid name, this is a small room at the front of the building, which houses a public-access photocopier. Users pay 6p per side (A3 or A4) black-and-white or 9p for colour.

Access to the Morgue is via a numeric-code lock - which means that registered users can use the machine at any reasonable time. To become a user, simply pay £5 to John Geddes - that becomes the "opening balance" on your photocopying account.


We can provide building users with wifi access (for laptops and smartphones) for the duration of their hire: please specify this when booking.

Alcohol and Licensing

The Burton Institute has a Premises Licence that covers most forms of entertainment until 11pm Monday-Saturday and until 10pm on a Sunday.

But our licence does not cover the provision of alcohol. Bring-your-own is no problem, but if the organisers provide alcohol (whether charged-for or not), you may need to obtain a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) which will cost you £21, and which has to be applied for at least a couple of weeks in advance.

The rules are complicated, and even a subtle difference in the way an event is described in publicity can make the difference between needing a licence and not. To help you decide whether you will need a notice, we have designed a flowchart (in PDF format so that you can print it out if you wish)

If you will need a TEN, you must get the agreement of the Burton Institute's Bookings Secretary (Gill Geddes, 650364) before you apply - there is an annual limit of 12 notices per year across all users of the Institute and we need to make sure we ration them out sensibly.


Booking Enquiries to John and Gill Geddes on 01629 650364, or email to institute@winster.org (Please don't assume you have a booking until you have had confirmation back from us!)

If you need to contact someone whilst they are using the hall, there is a phone in the building on 07854 276 434.