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Printing from PDFs on the Village Photocopier
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The Village Photocopier will print PDF files from a USB memory key. Most USB keys work, but I've had problems with one that has a lot of files on it, so best to take two copies of your PDF file on separate keys, just to save the risk of a wasted journey.

You choose what to print by taking the "External Memory" option on the screen after you have logged in - this option only appears when there is a USB key attached.

You then navigate through folders (if there are any) to your file as you would on a PC - using the stylus to select items I would suggest (fingers are possible but less precise).

There are two caveats about how the machine handles PDF files.

Firstly, it will only (as far as I can tell) print a whole file - there seems to be no option to print just selected pages - you select the file, and it prints the whole file. But there is a workaround to this - edit the PDF file. There are free programs that you can download, but the simplest is to go to an online site that offers to extract selected pages from a PDF - here is one that looks promising.

Secondly, you need to take special precautions if you want to mix black-and-white and colour in the same document. It probably isn't worth the effort for a single document, but worthwhile for longer runs.

When a PDF is created, it will be created as colour or mono, and it appears that the file will use colour toner to achieve grey tones on the black-and-white pages, and that you will be charged the colour rate for all pages.

The answer is to create two PDFs: once as colour, once as black-and-white. (If it isn't your PDF, you can probably create a new file by "printing" from Acrobat Pro to a (free) Acrobat-creation program like PrimoPDF.)

Then you use a PDF-combining program/service (available free online, eg here) to create a new PDF that has the appropriate pages extracted from the output-as-colour file and the appropriate pages from the output-as-black-and-white file. Before doing a full run, check the counters (available from the Control Panel) before and after printing a trial copy to make sure that the machine is counting as you expect!